7 декабря 2020

Structural Analysis of Rostov NPP Equipment and Pipelines

CEPSA specialists analyzed the structural strength of a spent fuel pool cooling system. Experts performed structural simulation of heat exchangers and pumps for Unit 1 and Unit 2. They assessed strength of suction and pressure pipelines. The analysis was carried out using Ansys Mechanical software.
17 сентября 2020

Composite Materials Applicability Justification in Oil-Trunk Pipeline Pump Parts Design

CEPSA engineers performed structural analysis of composites constituting tread rings, impellers and groove seals for various pump types. Along with comparing material properties, critical areas of the construction and the ways to improve it were studied in this research.
2 июля 2020

Thermal and Climatic CFD Simulation of the Mega Data Center

The research included ventilation system analysis and simulation of air distribution in technical and machine rooms, which enabled engineers to eliminate air stagnation zones, avoid extra turbulence and map critical thermal loads. Based on the simulation results, optimal operating modes were defined.
25 мая 2020

Finite Element Simulation of Trailer Crush Test

CEPSA specialists simulated the collision of a vehicle with a mobile roadwork traffic sign trailer. The analysis results prove that at 36-108 km/h, trailer construction can fully absorb the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle and shows how vehicle velocity affects trailer deformation pattern and energy absorption rate.
1 мая 2020

Thermal Analysis of a Flame Resistant Fire Barrier

The barrier consists of the following layers (1-2-3-2-1): 1–silica fabric, 2–oxidized graphite, 3–ceramic fiber. Thermal simulation demonstrated the reach of ultimate thermal insulating capacity. To avoid barrier thermal overload and ensure meeting safety requirements, the optimum thickness of layers was defined.
15 апреля 2020

Lifting Equipment Structural Analysis

CEPSA engineers performed structural analysis of a cross traverse to study its behavior at allowable stresses and limit states. The results showed that the construction did not meet customer requirements as it would deform under operating loads. A new design with a fivefold safety factor was developed.
14 ноября 2019

Structural Analysis of an Additively Manufactured Gradient Material Endoprosthesis

Engineers developed a new approach to gradient materials structural analysis and designed a human femur endoprosthesis made of gradient material. The simulation shows that the endoprosthesis can bear loads associated with standard everyday activities, and its lower stiffness reduces aseptic loosening possibility.
21 августа 2019

Strength Assessment of the El Dabaa NPP Building Structures after a Massive Commercial Aircraft Crashing

CEPSA specialists analyzed concrete wall thickness and reinforcement parameters for El Dabaa NPP building structures under massive commercial airplane crashing using nonlinear models of reinforced concrete structures. Also, engineers performed the assessment of NPP buildings integrity after the crashing.
13 апреля 2019

Space Equipment Structural Analysis

Simulation of a laser beam forming and steering system shows that the design is resistant enough to shock impact or vibrations and does not have resonant frequencies in the range up to 40 Hz. Linear and angular displacements of optical elements do not exceed ultimate values during operation.
20 января 2019

Functionally Gradient Materials and Structures Simulation

CEPSA specialists took part in a research project developing new technologies of functionally gradient and additively manufactured materials simulation. Application of the selective laser melting method, structural analysis of honeycomb designs and 3D printing simulation were under study.
26 ноября 2018

Strength Assessment of NPP Building under an Aircraft Impact

CEPSA engineers carried out strength, deformation and vibration analysis for the two variants of BR-1200 lead-cooled reactor building under the impact of Phantom RF-4E military aircraft and Boeing 747-400 crashing. Engineers developed alternative ways of mechanical protection for the building.
19 сентября 2018

Wind Load Analysis for the Vorobyovy Gory Sports Complex

Strong winds and soft soil are important factors in ski jumping hill design. To ensure the stability of the construction, engineers performed a wind load analysis. The study results show flow pressure distribution on jumping hill construction. The obtained pressure values at high hill sections were used for further research.
23 августа 2018

Ship Towrope Resistance Analysis

Ship hull fluid dynamics was analyzed to define its towrope resistance. Engineers developed a universal CFD simulation method for hullborne, transitional and planing modes. The analysis enabled the engineers to define viscous friction and wave drag, study wave structure, hydrodynamic and mass forces.
1 июля 2018

The Mars-6 Descent Module Crash Simulation

Engineers simulated the Mars 6 spacecraft hard landing during its mission to Mars in 1973. It enabled them to learn more about the circumstances of the crash. The Mars 6 and Martian soil models were created. Off-design mode landing was simulated. Crater dimensions after crashing at various angles were defined.
5 июня 2018

Stiffness and Buckling Analysis for a Linear Motion System Frame

A linear motion system with a photo fixation module was under study. Modeling was necessary to ensure system stability and photo fixation accuracy. Structural simulation of the design included analyzing its fatigue strength, stiffness and buckling characteristics, natural frequencies and mode shapes.
4 марта 2018

Glass Hemisphere Structural Analysis

CEPSA experts studied the effect of distributed static external pressure on a hemispherical glass mounted on a perfectly rigid foundation. Test samples of the analyzed hemisphere were made of K8 optical glass. The analysis showed that the possibility of the sphere breakage was 15%.
10 ноября 2017

Ultimate Load-Bearing Capacity Analysis of NPP Containment

Prestressed containment structures are designed to compensate for tensile stresses caused by overpressure in case of an accident. Engineers defined ultimate loads on a prestressed internal containment. The analysis showed that integrity loss occurs at a pressure much exceeding the designed overpressure.
20 сентября 2017

CFD Simulation of Industrial Space Ventilation

When designing a ventilation system, the main parameters gained with simulation are velocity fields and streamlines. Moving airflows transport harmful substances, so accurate prediction of pollution level is crucial. CEPSA engineers developed an effective airflow simulation method using Ansys Fluent software tool.
26 июня 2017

Centrifugal Pump Wet End Simulation

In this research, CFD simulation of two centrifugal pump configurations was conducted. The results showed that changing pump height and optimizing the upper cavity between pump housing and volute reduce losses in the wet end. Engineers defined stagnant air zones and developed ways of modification.
8 июня 2017

Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Analysis

The objective of the study was to perform thermal analysis, define the thermal state of the inner pipe and pyrogas cooling and assess the strength of inner pipe elements under operating temperatures, internal and external pressure. Simulation showed temperature distribution and ultimate stresses in pipe walls.
22 апреля 2017

Thermographic Camera Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis was undertaken to test thermal stabilization system operation and develop a solution ensuring thermal control inside the camera. New construction of the system included a copper coil filled with cooler at a temperature not exceeding 10 °С. The modification eliminated overheating.
26 марта 2017

Electron Gun Thermal Analysis

The main objective of the study was to speed up electron gun cathode warm-up. Thermal simulation provided data on an electron gun reaching steady-state operation. Simulation results showed good agreement with experimental data and were used for further analysis of various warm-up methods.
19 февраля 2017

CFD Analysis of Mine Dump Truck Underhood Ventilation

CEPSA engineers simulated underhood ventilators of a mine dump truck to assess airflow passing through engine cooling radiators, reduce mutual negative effects of ventilators on each other and develop ways of eliminating hot air recirculation. To solve these challenges they used Ansys CFD software.
12 февраля 2017

Analyzing the Dynamics of Mining Rock Drill for Blast Hole Drilling

Simulation of a mining rock drill allowed comparison of standard and improved designs. A new construction variant included an anvil block between a piston and a rod. Simulation results have proven that the improved system shows higher performance and higher drilling velocity, respectively.
17 января 2017

CFD Analysis of Pump Control Cabinet Ventilation

Contact of humid air with electric components may cause condensation and lead to equipment breakdown. Therefore maintaining a required microclimate inside a pump control cabinet is crucial. CFD analysis provided data on relative humidity distribution and risks of condensate formation on electric components.
11 ноября 2016

Structural Analysis of a Flotation Wastewater Treatment Plant Saturator

CEPSA performed an analysis for KWI International. The objective of the study was to verify the chosen construction solutions for water-gas mix preparation system. Due to simulation, engineers defined the stress-strain state of saturator parts under operating loads and proved fulfilment of failure criteria.
15 сентября 2016

CFD Analysis of Centrifugal Pump Wet End

The wet end of a centrifugal pump stage was under study. It included an impeller, a vaned diffuser and a return channel. Engineers simulated 3D flow in blade channels and defined stage characteristics. In this study, the analysis of water flow in the wet end of pump first stage was undertaken.
3 августа 2016

Structural Analysis of Cooling System Housing

Simulating a photodetector cooling system and analyzing the behavior of its housing under external impact enabled engineers to find ways of the design improvement and develop a simulation method for this kind of research. The analysis results allowed the reduction of test models.
15 июля 2016

Induction Motor Thermal Analysis Using Ansys CFX

In this research, engineers studied the aspects of electric machines thermal analysis using Ansys CFX software. They described the key stages of thermal simulation and tested the functional abilities of this tool analyzing air flows in a 630 kW induction motor.
20 мая 2016

Vibration Analysis of Papermaking Machine Foundation

Vibrations induced by rotating elements may affect manufacturing process. Simulation was performed to prove that the machine foundation met strength and vibration requirements. According to the results, machine parts displacement did not exceed a few microns, ensuring high quality of the produced paper.
10 мая 2016

Designing a Computing Cluster for Baltic State Technical University "VOENMEH" named after D.F. Ustinov

CEPSA specialists conducted commissioning works and load testing of a new computing cluster which was to be used for structural and CFD simulation. The HPC cluster was installed for university students and researchers to undertake academic and engineering studies.
14 января 2016

CFD-simulation of Evapolar personal air conditioner

Evapolar is a portable air conditioner developed by a team of engineers in Saint Petersburg. The device creates a personal climate within 2-3 meters. Engineers analyzed airflow dynamics and tested a few design solutions to optimize the construction of the conditioner grille for higher performance.

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